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Growing Up My Dream Was To Play Football And Abedi Pele Was My Idol – Sonnie Badu

It is fair to say that becoming a footballer is the dream of many children while growing up and from the looks of things celebrated Ghanaian gospel singer and evangelist, Sonnie Badu was among the majority who wanted to play football while growing up.

Giving us an insight into how his childhood was like, the gospel singer pointed out that he used to be very passionate about football not just the watching of it but was also active in playing and idolised Ghanaian football legend, Abedi Pele, hoping to grow up and be as good as him.
According to Sonnie Badu, his dream of going professional was cut short after sustaining a dream altering injury which meant that he would have to look for a new career path as the injury closed football to him forever.

Speaking in an interview with Kwaku Manu on his ‘Aggressive Show’, Sonnie Badu intimated that he modeled his playing style around Abedi Pele while trying to nurture his dream of playing football.
“Growing up, my dream was to be a great football player. I was really good. It was Abedi Pele that I used to regard as my idol. He was one of the greatest in the world. And people used to tell me I played just like him. I’m left-handed and left-footed just like him,” Sonnie said.

It is said that as man plans God also plans and as fate would have it, he would later suffer a horrible injury that would end his football dream and push him to singing and which would give him worldwide prominence.
“I consider it to be an act of God. He is the one who directed me towards this path. If I had continued to become a footballer, nobody knows what would have happened. I would have probably been dead even”, he added.

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