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Highlife Needs Rebranding To Become Sellable Again – KK Fosu

Veteran Ghanaian Highlife musician KK Fosu reflecting on how far highlife has come as a musical genre in Ghana music industry and how it has stagnated over the years has proffered somewhat of a solution to his colleagues in the industry still plying the trade.

Speaking in an interview about the stagnation of highlife and the younger newer generation not corresponding with the genre, the veteran noted that it might be time for highlife to go through a metamorphosis if it is to compete and survive against other genres in music, suggesting that a touch of colourfulness could be what is lacking to captivate the interest of the youth.

According to KK Fosu, being labeled a highlife musician does not mean they should be banded up in a group and go about creating sorrowful music as such music is bound to fail in the music market and that adding a bit of finesse and danceable melody to highlife could get people to listen to highlife once more.

Using himself as a case study, he highlighted on how he has been able to adapt to the changing times and the changing musical interest of people to ensure he is still able to produce music which is relatable to the people, urging his colleagues to think outside the box as he does.

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