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World Bank Cautions Government Against E-Levy

The Country Director for Ghana at the World Bank, Pierre Laporte has cautioned the Ghanaian Government to be cautious of the policies they implement in their bid to better position the economy, noting that the poor and vulnerable in the country should be factored into all considerations.

The Country Director for Ghana at the World Bank observed that the poor and less privileged have been the worse affected by the pandemic and therefore all measures to be taken by Government to resuscitate the economy must be well thought out in order to not further burden the already over-burdened.

Addressing a gathering at the New Year School at the University of Ghana on Tuesday, Pierre Laporte advised that Government look into ways to raise the standard of living of its citizenry and not implement policies that will burden them.

“Inflation has exceeded the Central Bank’s target since October last year, largely driven by global inflation. There are many reasons to be concerned (because) inflation is a terrible thing for the economy, especially for the poor.”

“Our focus will continue to be for protecting of the poor; for instance targeting social safety net programmes,” Mr Pierre Laport added.

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