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Veteran Actress Kumiwaa In Tears As Mzgee Secures Donation To Foot Her Medical Bills

Veteran Ghanaian actress Kumiwaa was reduced to tears by the humanity that still exist amongst humans after Mzgee came bearing good news of having secured the necessary funding to clear her medical bills.

Kumiwaa was added to the growing list of retired Ghanaian actresses and actors who after retiring from the movie industry can not cater for their medical expenses and have since resorted to begging from well meaning Ghanaians.

Kumiwaa however took a different approach as compared to her colleagues as rather than coming out openly to beg, she rather took a defiant stance, indicating that she would rather die from her illness than to come out and beg and be insulted by Ghanaians.

Her approach had the desired effect as many Ghanaians were moved by her crying and fear of being insulted and now help has come knocking on her door with Ghanaian television personality Mzgee visiting her in her home over the weekend and presenting a sum of GHC5000 to Kumiwaa to be used to offset any expenses she might incur while getting treatment.

MzGee indicated in the presentation that the donation was from the Chief Executive Officer of Nguvu Holdings, adding that Ghc4000 was enough to settle her medical bills and that the remaining ghc1000 be used as upkeep money.

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