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Stonebwoy Celebrates Wife, Dr. Louisa On Her Birthday

Love is a beautiful thing and your love is returned by the person you love in equal measure or even greater, there is no grammar to describe that feeling. And when we the singles see an open display of affection just like what Stonebwoy and his wife, Dr. Louisa, have subjected us to, we only sit and wonder out loud ‘God when’

Everybody knows the love story of Stonebwoy is his wife is no ordinary love story. Their love story is one you would normally watch in a Nigerian love story where a highly educated, well refined lady would fall in love with ruffian, or a street boy. That was almost the story of Stonebwoy and Dr. Louisa but not quite. Dr. Louisa is highly educated and well refined, yes, but Stonebwoy would not qualify as a street boy or ruffian though he is from the streets but he has manage to make a better life for himself and his family.

And Dr. Louisa was the icing on the cake of Stonebwoy’s incredible rugs to riches story, a blessing he is very much aware and does not take for granted. So today is Stonebwoy’s wife’s birthday and he has endeavored to make sure his wife’s day is full of smiles and happiness.

Taking to his took to his Instagram page to let the world know he has got the finest woman ever as he shared a lovely picture of his beautiful wife, the very much in love Stonebwoy left a very beautiful message as a caption. He wrote, “”I getti fine fine thing…you fine well well!”

We can only imagine how Dr. Louisa felt when she saw that lovely message from her husband but one thing we do not have to imagine was her response to her husband’s message as she left under Stonebwoy’s post. She commented, “”My romantic rasta”

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