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Global Tourism Grew By 4% In 2021 And 12% In Africa

Reports from the World Tourism Organisation’s World Tourism Barometer indicates that there was an upward shift in global tourism from 400 million recorded in 2020 to 415 million in 2021.

According to further reports from the World Tourism Organization, the 415 million growth in global tourism represents 4% growth from the level of global tourism recorded in the previous year, 2020.

It is believed the world would have witnessed even greater tourist activity had it not been for the rise of the Corona Virus pandemic which came into being in the year 2019 . “This follows on from 2020, the worst year on record for tourism when international arrivals decreased by 73%,” the report added.

The report attributes the 4% growth in global tourism to the rising rates of vaccination at the final quater of 2021 combined with nations across the globe finally easing down on the travel restrictions they had adopted earlier to curb the rise and spread in corona virus cases.

The World Tourism Organization also indicated that tourism in Africa saw a 12% increase in 2021 as compared to 2020, though the increase was still 74% below the 2019 rate of tourism.

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