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Kennedy Agyapong Ordered To Produce Name Of Judge Who Says Judges Fear Anas

Member of Parliament for Assin Central and Ghanaian businessman, Kennedy Agyapong has found himself at the wrong side of the law as the High Court in Accra has ordered the millionaire to furnish the court with the name of the judge he said, said lived in fear of investigative journalist Armeyaw Anas Armeyaw.

Kennedy Agyapong who is currently in court dealing with a GHC25 million defamation lawsuit from Armeyaw Anas Armeyaw had told the court that due to the exploits of the journalist in the Judiciary, judges feared him Anas.

The member of parliament had been away from the country for quite a while to have a surgery done on him to remove a computer mouse-sized tumour that had grown in his brain and while away rumours were thrown left right and centre over the supposed absence of the man whose presence is always felt wherever he is.

Chief amongst the rumours was a story that was released in which it was reported that Nigel Gaisie alleged that Kennedy Agyapong had been struck by stroke by God for his bad deeds.

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