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Keche Joshua Ready To Change The Life Of Woman Hustling On Streets Of Accra With Her Twins; Seeks Her Out

This days there are no bigger hearts than that of our musicians, who are overwhelming us with their philanthropic acts but then again to who much is given much is expected and as they make a considerable sum in their line of work, why not give a little back to the society that helped in making you.

So enough talk and straight to the story. You all know Keche Joshua right? Well he has started a manhunt for a woman sighted in a video hustling away in the Accra sun with her twins strapped behind her back as she slaves away to make sure there is food on the table to feed her children.

This video popped up as a way of contrasting the plight of veteran Ghanaian actor Psalm Adjeteyfio popularly known as TT from the popular ‘taxi driver’.

The story of TT is not new. He is the man who was given over GHC90,000 and in less than two months has come back begging for leftover food but his latest begging spree has not gone down well with the masses who dropped the video of the hustling woman with twins to let Psalm Adjeteyfio know that he is not beyond working to feed himself

But the narrative has turned out even better as Keche Joshua upon seeing the woman’s desire to work and feed without depending on others has inspired him so much he has asked for the woman to be found so he can bless her in his own little way

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