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IGP Daampare Joins Police Force In Rousing Jama Song

Ghana’s new Inspector General (IGP) of Police, Dr. George Akuffo Daampare is fast becoming the IGP for the people, by the people and of the people.

The man who has taken it upon himself of single-handedly change the face of Ghana Police and the perception Ghanaians have about the force and to restore public trust is up and underway in doing just that.

The wheels of change can already be felt as Dr. George Akuffo Daampare has already implemented innovative policies in the police force that have been lauded by a large section of the Ghanaian populace.

But it is not just his policies that have warmed him into the hearts of Ghanaians and his men but also his actions as he chooses to walk the talk and remain visible to his men and Ghanaians

His latest action which is sure to even push high his already sky high ratings with the public and the police force is in the video that has been sighted by Ghanajoint.com. The IGP in the said video can be seen deeply engrossed in the singing of jama song with a group of policemen almost as if he were a new recruit, with so much passion and fervor.


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