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Ghana’s Digitization Push: Walk The Talk Or Don’t Talk At All

We have a Vice-President who has veered from his specialty, Economics to Information Communication and Technology, Digitization to be precise.

Before the National Democratic Congress was booted out of power by Ghanaians, in favour of the New Patriotic Congress, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia was deemed our economic messiah, the man who had promised to arrest the cedi and give the key to the Inspector General of Police for safe keeping.

After proving woefully inadequate in economics, proving to know only the theory and not the practical side of it, he has diverted to a new subject area to see if he would at least be good for something as the Vice-President.

Mind you this article is not against digitization as I am for digitization any day, this article is against the common practice of saying things in Ghana but it not reflecting on the grounds, thus the title, “Walk the talk or don’t talk at all”

My focus will be on Governments directive to have all Ghanaians re-register their sim cards using the Ghana card before March 31, 2022, with subscribers who fail to link their sims with their Ghana card being disconnected by telecommunication companies.

I laud the intention but not the process of execution. I for one who has been fortunate to have successfully registered for my Ghana card know what I went through to get my hands on the said card. It took me two weeks and having to wake up as early as 3am and be at the registration point by 4am to have my Ghana card.

This is not how to get people to buy into your digitization drive, when they have to suffer so much to join a national agenda.

One would think the pains and sufferings endured during the registration of the Ghana card was enough but it would appear that was just the warming up for us as Ghanaians, even after merging their Ghana cards with their sim cards still have to report to their telecommunication companies for the process to be completed.

This has caused long queues to be seen at telecommunication offices as Ghanaians troop to their offices as the deadline approaches for the linking of the Ghana card with our sim cards.

The deadline approaches, many Ghanaians are still without their Ghana cards, even more Ghanaians have not linked their Ghana card with their sim cards.

Our economic messiah turned digital messiah goes around holding lectures and seminars sharing his vision of a digital Ghana, instead of locking himself up in his room and coming up with a road map that will lead us to the digital age.

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