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National Service Secretariat To Prosecute Ghost Names On Its Payroll

The National Service Secretariat in a joint venture with the police is gunning to identify and prosecute thousands of ghost names on its payroll.

The individuals behind the ghost names are believed to have withdrawn allowances for years without doing any work. Their luck run out last year however as the adaptation of an electronic payment system blocked the ghost names.

The Executive Director of the secretariat, Osei Assibey Antwi told JoyNews in an interview that the secretariat is working assiduously with the police in a process to identify the individuals behind the ghost names and will go after them after that.

“It was a problem which bedevilled the Service for a very long time, but with the introduction of the metric app, we succeeded in achieving a lot, and because of the app, it would also smoothen and fast-track the process for the deployment,” Mr Assibey Antwi highlighted.

Adding that once they get a complete list of the individuals involved in the fraudulent activities, their names will be publicized.

“Very soon, we’d come out with the figure as to the number we were able to block. So I can say for a fact that we managed to block a lot of numbers and those numbers, we’d come out with it because we’ve got the report ready.”

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