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Kennedy Agyapong Confirms Undergoing Brain Tumour Surgery

Member of Parliament for Assin Fosu, Honourable Kennedy Agyapong has for the first time revealed the current state of his health, after going missing with his silence almost deafening considering how loud he had been in the political arena.

The member of parliament has revealed that contrary to the news out there that had been inflicted by stroke, he has had to grow through a brain tumour surgery in the United States to remove a computer mouse sized tumour hidden in his brain.

He also revealed that the surgery to remove the tumour cost him US$283,000 and he has been recuperating to get back to his old self, reason why he has taken to the sidelines in recet times.

The genesis of the tumour is said to have been after Kennedy Agyapong slipped and fell in a bathtub, knocking his head against the hard ground which resulted in him suffering from headache for almost a week until he took it to the hospital only for him to be diagnosed of having a tumour.

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