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Twitter Fashionista, Firestick Mocks Sarkodie’s Fashion Sense

Very few can match Sarkodie when it comes to fashion and going all out to look good, spending thousands of dollars on no ‘fugazy’ clothes, shoes, watches and perfume to standout whenever and wherever.

But unfortunately for Sarkodie, his efforts have gone unnoticed by self styled and acclaimed twitter fashionista, Firestick, who has suggested that Sarkodie is going about his fashion all wrong and could do with a fashion icon like himself teaching him a thing or two about choosing clothes as it is not a lack of clothes but a lack of style when it comes to chosing what to wear what that Sarkodie is grossly lacking.

In a video sighted by Ghanajoint, went down hard on Sarkodie, not holding back any punches as he made ridicule of Sarkodie and his dressing, going as far as to say seek help in choosing from his bulging wardrobe as he is doing a bad job at it himself.

“The leather thing, Obidi, you looked like coal tar,” he berated.

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