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Society Does Not Recognize Hard Work Anymore – Manifest

Ace Ghanaian rapper, Kwame Ampetepee Tsikata populary known as Manifest, who was in the news recently for refusing to walk the path of his great lawyer and politician father, Tsatsu Tsikata by venturing into politics is in the news once more but this time for observations he has made about society.

According to the rapper, who is currently promoting his newest album, “Madina to the Universe”, society has lost focus on the most importance things in life such as reverence of hard work and has rather given credence to award schemes which do not even go to the most deserving ones.

Speaking in an interview on Metro TV with Bridget Otoo, Manifest noted that is moving blind, placing its priorities in the wrong things, noting that those who put in the real work to bring in actual change to affect positively the lives of numerous people are not appreciated.

Citing Kwame Ofosu Fordjour, popular known as Dr. UN and his fake award scheme in which popular Ghanaian celebrities like Sarkodie fell prey to, as a consequence of society’s failings in prioritizing the important things.

“Because of how as a society we have privileged awards. We have privileged awards over the actual work you do. So, it is never that this person did a great job but this person won this award, whether deserving or undeserving. Part of that makes us seek the glory to be able to use it as PR or whatever. That becomes the value, not the actual thing that you do that transforms people. That makes people go like he was the first person that was able to create this thing that became a genre”, he explained.

“Have you ever heard about anyone talk about Bob Marley and Fela Kuti and anything about awards? We have just misplaced our priorities so then, have become certain signifiers of excellence. I am sure there there will be an awards show at some point that awards the award shows.”

He noted that he does his own investigations on news he comes across and does not swallow the hook, line and sinker without doing proper due diligence.

“Yesterday, I received an email from somebody saying all those things because they want something from you so you have to do your due diligence. A lot of stuff is ignored and goes straight into spam.”

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