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Failure To Wear Soon To Be Introduced Uniforms Will Attract A Penalty – Pharmacy Council To Pharmacists

The Ghana Pharmacy council has taken a decision to come out with new uniforms for the various professionals working as pharmacists which will help categorize and differentiate them for easy recognition.

The council has noted that because the various pharmacy practitioners are not uniform, the general public views them all as perform the same function which is not so as they all have unique functions and roles.

Speaking on TV3‘s Midday Live on Monday, December 27, Deputy Registrar of the Pharmacy Council in charge of Professional Development Albert Wiredu Arkoh said: “We want the general public to know the difference between these practitioners”.

Categorizing the practitioners, he noted that some of them are not certified to dispense drugs while others are only there to recommend drugs based on the narrations of symptoms by the patient.

He noted that the uniforms will highlight the role each practitioner is to perform, therefore sending a word of caution to those who fail wear their new uniforms that such acts will attract a sanction.

“There are sanctions that have been approved,” he said

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