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When Bad Becomes The Norm

Reflecting on what society was and is now, I weep within me at how quickly we have moved on from upholding and preaching good to now learning comfortably with the bad. Do not be mistaken, I am no old man but I was born early enough to see a society that upheld good moral standards, a society in which giving birth outside was a shame to both mother and father of the new born and their families, a society in which thieves were prosecuted and not celebrated and honoured with titles such as ‘honourable’, what is honourable about being a thief? Or I have been asleep for so long that the dictionary went through a reboot that I am not aware of.

I believe in God but I would not classify myself as religious, hope you understand me. For the purposes of this article however let us reference the holy books without quoting a particular scripture but just talking about what these books predicted. Jesus, I remember it said somewhere that he said many false prophets will come after him, and I daresay they have arrived. The plethora of ‘men of God’ we are ‘blessed’ with does not is quite amazing.

The monetization of the church, the mosque is another phenomenon I look at and shake my head in disdain. It seems I slept and woke up to the world turned upside down because I must confess I have been taken by surprise at how quickly the centre has crumbled and cannot hold anymore. Today you have to pay before you are scheduled to meet with a man of God. I do not blame the false prophets so much as their followers who in their refusal to seek the knowledge of Lord are being led to damnation. And yet we all carry with us Bibles and Quran. Lets blame it on divine preordination, after all that is what we are good at, laying blames and never taking responsibility.

Was it not yesterday that it was shunned upon for one to conceive a child of wedlock, be it male of female. Today it is being celebrated with the title, “baby mama” and baby daddy”, its quite fashionable and in trend that it threatens the very existence of the institution called married.

But why bother marry when marriages today do not even last. Today they are all smiles as they make their vows, I, the writer of this article take you, the love of my life who I am yet to meet to be my lovely wedded wife, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death us do part, according to God’s holy will, and I pledge to you my faithfulness, till death us do apart and yet some do not even make it to the end of the year and things fall apart with both parties who promised to become one flesh go their separate ways without looking back. Why bother when you can have your babies without the commitment and troubles that come with it?

A lot has changed, you can call me old school but I prefer how things were before you all became ‘woke’, but its too late now for we have all eaten from the fruit of knowledge of good and evil and have chosen to pursue evil in abundance. We await the second coming of Jesus!

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