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The Festive Season Is Here, Enjoy Responsibly

From now on till the first week of January, we have a plethora of festivities and holidays that we many forget and lose ourselves in the ecstasy of all the fun and merrymaking. Yesterday was Christmas, today is boxing day and tomorrow is a holiday. In all this merrymaking I am here to serve as the angel who preaches caution against excessiveness.

The festive season is here, enjoy responsibly. One thing majority will be guilty of is blowing up money in the next seven days which is actually meant for the next 28 days or more, all in the spirit of Christmas, the new year and the chase for fun. I would like for us to exercise restraint in our spending this period of the year as life will go on after everything has been said and done, and you would not want to have go round knocking on peoples doors to borrow money.

Again, the festive season is here, enjoy responsibly. I cannot repeat this enough. In period we find ourselves, families come together after almost apart, friends meet up after years apart, and a lot goes on. Music is played, we dance, food is eaten and we do a lot of drinking. We should be very careful with the amount of alcohol we take in especially if we have to be the ones to drive home after all the fun and merrymaking. There is more Christmas to look ahead to, we should not killing ourselves for this one.

Moreover, the festive season is here, enjoy responsibly. It would appear you have all forgotten, but that is why I am here to remind you. Corona virus still exist and it very much still in our communities and the very fact you have vaccinated does not mean you cannot contract the virus or spread it. So let us be responsibly adults and take all the necessary precautions and observe all COVID-19 protocols to safeguard our lives, family, friends and that of the community.

Last but not least, the festive season is here, enjoy responsibly. Like I said earlier, this period tends to bring families, old friends and strangers together. Everybody looks beautiful and handsome this period, flings, one night stands and people falling in love tends to rise during the festive season. Again let us be responsible adults and no what we are looking for. Remember, If it is not all, it is not in, it could safe you from a lot of hurt afterwards when the euphoria that comes with the festivities begins to evaporate.

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