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I Only Date Guys Who Smell Good – Delay

Popular Ghanaian television show host and entrepreneur, Deloris Frimpong Manso, affectionately referred to as Delay has opened up on what it takes as a guy to catch her attention.

According to Delay, she is very much a sapiosexual, yes, she finds intelligence very attractive and has a very keen nose so expects that whichever guy she would be going out with smells like roses and petals, and that for her is what it takes to get her to fall for you. You don’t have to drive the most expensive car or live in a 7 storey glass mansion.

You simply have to be on top of issues and smell good while at it and you have a shot at her. Must be what Ghanaian rapper has adopted to have her all round him these past months with rumours running wild about the two being in a relationship

The television show host and entrepreneur took to her snapchat to tell the men in Ghana what it takes to attract her gaze, writing on her snap, “When he’s intelligent and he smells good”

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