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Ghana Police Assures Ghanaians Of Public Safety During Festivities

Christmas is almost upon us, and to ensure that we that we celebrate the festivities without fear, the director of public affairs of the Ghana Police, Superintendent Alexander Kwaku Obeng has noted that they are only because of the ordinary citizenry so they owe it to the ordinary Ghanaian to ensure the safety of their persons and property.

The director noted that the police are there to serve and so they should not abuse their privileges to extort monies from Ghanaians or abuse their rights.

He made this observations during an interview on 3FM’s sunrise show on Thursday, December 23, while giving a report on the polices’ preparedness ahead of the festivities

“Ghanaians are pampering the police because we are servants. We are to serve them. They clothes us, they house us, and they give us all the incentives. There are other essentials that are given to us free, including medicals”.

He explained that “if they are pampering you this way, you have served. We should behave as servants and ensure that whatever is given to us satisfies us”.

Supt Obeng warned that “you don’t have to extort from them. You don’t assault them. You don’t verbally abuse or assault them”.

The Director said “as police officers, don’t involve in acts that are un-policing. As police officers and as law enforcement agency, we should be satisfied with all that is given to us and stop extorting from them”.

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