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Fight In Parliament Worries Me – Kweku Baako

Parliament may have gone for their Christmas break but their actions still haunt well meaning Ghanaians such as renowned journalist Kweku Baako.

On their last gathering in parliament on Monday, December 20 before embarking on their Christmas break, it would not be wrong to say that those who we elected to represent the interest of the entire country failed us and brought shame to the entire country

And it all centers on the 1.75% e-levy Government seeks to introduce in the 2022 budget statement and economic policy document, which has left the majority and minority divided in parliament so much so that in their disagreements they threw reason out the door and resorted to violence, reducing parliament into a WWE ring

In commenting on what transpired in the 8th parliament, veteran journalist, Kweku Baako could not help but express worry at far badly our members of parliament handled themselves in the house, insisting that it is high time we begin to punish lawmakers who behave lawlessly

Mr. Baako registered his displeasure with the MPs saying, “I’m worried. Yeah, I’m worried; I’m even angry that the incidents happening in Parliament is disturbing, particularly the 8th Parliament”.

“It is very useful and it’s a matter of principle that the specific individuals that showed misconduct in the August House of Parliament should be identified. They should be identified and the appropriate action taken against them within the context of parliamentary standing orders as well as the national constitution and the laws of this country. Perhaps, I’m now convinced that that is the best way forward in curing this mischief, especially because of the repetition . . . I’m so disappointed. I’m so worried. I’m angry. I’m actually angry,” he fumed.

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