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We Do Not Have The Authority To Enter Parliament – Ghana Police

Responding to criticism on why they did not act when the legislative arm of Government, Parliament was in chaos, the Ghana Police Service has come out to release a press statement indicating that providing security in parliament is out of their jurisdiction and that they can only come in when the Marshal refers to them.

The country on Monday night witnessed what many have described as a total embarrassment to the entire country and its democracy as people who we elected to represent us on the floor of parliament were engaged in a brawl and fisticuffs

Questions have since been asked of where the police was when parliament was reduced to a boxing ring and in addressing the concerns of Ghanaians, the Ghana Police force have revealed contrary to popular believe, they do not have the power to enter parliament until the Marshal refers to them and so it was not within their jurisdiction to address the chaos that eschewed in the house.

A statement issued by the Service on Tuesday December 21 said “The legal position is that the Police have no authority to enter the chamber of Parliament to undertake any law enforcement venture. Any such act will be in contravention of the laws of the country.

“Therefore, the Marshal and his team of officers have to deal with such situations in the chamber and thereafter refer the matter to the Police for investigations and possible prosecution if the leadership of the House so decides.”

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