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Blackstar Films Wrong Choice Of Name For Industry Rebrand – Londona

Popular media personality in Ghana, Londona, has added his voice to the ongoing debate about the need to rebrand the film industry and whether the choice of name is ideal for promoting the film industry.

According to the media personality, the name ‘Blackstar’ has been overused and abused in the country and not much has been achieved while bearing the name citing the National team the Black Stars as a perfect example of his argument insisting the Blackstars have achieved nothing over the years due to the name tag.

The renaming of the film industry has since been put on hold by the ministry of tourism with talks of further consultations with stakeholders being reason for putting the rebrand on hold and Londona is all for it insisting that there must be a broader consultation to tap into the knowledge and expertise of industry players to ensure that the best is done for the industry.

“I wasn’t excited about the name ‘Blackstars Films’ and I think putting it on hold is a good thing. They need to think about it again and I am looking forward to a name that depicts Ghana more. Black Stars has been overused and I think the Black attached is not even benefitting us”, he said.

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