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Menzgold To Start Payment Of Locked Up Funds To Aggrieved Customers Today

The notorious Menzgold Ghana Limited saga appears to be coming to an end as the now defunct financial body has announced that it would starting from today commence with the payment of lock-up funds of aggrieved customers.

The gold trading company was directed by the Securities and Exchange Commission to shut down immediately in 2018 for going contrary to the Securities Industry Act, 2016 (Act 929).

The locking down of the gold financial firm caused a lot of heartache and public outcry from many Ghanaians who had over the past three years invested heavily in the company with many hitting the streets to demonstration and demand their monies paid back to them.

Good news is here as Menzgold Ghana Limited is now ready to commence payment of lockup funds to aggrieved customers who have gone through vetting and have had their documents verified.

“With due regards to the above basis, respect for authority and as law-abiding patriotic citizens, our company consequently shall proceed to achieve the same payments objective by resorting to direct bank deposits, as we happily commence our ‑final payments phase spanning from the 20th December 2021 to 30th, June 2022, starting with the following vetted creditors outlined,” a statement by Menzgold Ghana Limited has said.

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