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15 Pesewas Reduction In Fuel Prices Insignificant – GPRTU

The Ghana Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU) has described the GHP15 reduction in fuel prices as insignificant and not what was expected of the Government

The union has therefore vowed to continue to pressure Government to remove all the unnecessary nuisance taxes that are contributing to the abnormally high fuel prices in the country.

As things stand, fuel is being sold at GHC6.60 to GHC6.80 at the pump depending on which Oil Marketing Company (OMC) chooses to buy from

Reacting to the fuel prices 3FM’s sunrise on Monday, Alhaji Abass Moro, who is the Public Relations Officer of GPRTU said, “that 15 pesewas is insignificant”.

“We are looking for GH¢1.50. That wasn’t what we were looking for. Looking at the current economic situation, we want the national cake to be shared equally.”

He added: “We are still hoping and thinking something could be done for us. We are looking for GH¢1.50 not GHp15. . .or anything reasonable.”

“GHp15 is woefully inadequate. The GHp15 will not make any meaningful thing in our lives.”

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