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Tourism Ministry Puts On Hold Name Change Of Ghana Film Industry

The ministry of tourism has put on hold its efforts to formalize the new name change of the Ghana film industry from the previous Ghallywood to Blackstars.

The name change has not been well received by many players in the movie industry most especially Ghanaian actor and filmmaker, Eddie Nartey, who believes there are more pressing matters to address than changing names, and it would appear his concerns have not fallen on the rocks as plans to change the name of the film industry have now been shelved.

“The Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture, Honourable Awal Mohammed, has directed that the usage of the newly selected brand name for Ghana’s film industry; ‘Blackstar Films’, be put on hold pending the outcome of the ongoing stakeholder engagements.

“Some film industry players who are displeased with the selection of the brand name have petitioned the sector Minister,” the Ministry said in a statement.

It added: “The office of the Honourable Minister is engaging the National Film Authority (NFA) and the aggrieved parties over the matter.As we await the outcome of the stakeholder engagements, it is hereby directed that the brand name be put on hold with immediate effect.

“The Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture led by the able Honourable Awal Mohammed assures Ghanaians that it is focused on developing the film industry in unity and will avoid any move that will create a divided front”.

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