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Revealed – These Companies Don’t Pay Taxes

For a country that always runs a deficit between expenditure and revenue, it is mind boggling that we should grant tax exemptions to companies that are making millions in Ghana cedis and continue crying that we do not contribute enough with regards to taxes.

The Government of the day in their bid to widen the tax net have introduced a new tax known as the e-lvy, which has been kicked against by most quaters in Ghana. So much has been the fight against the e-levy that the Asantehene had to come out and tell Ghanaians to accept it and pay their taxes as it is the only way Government can pursue its development of the nation’s infrastructure.

If Ghanaians were tempted to listen to the great king, their resolve to not pay their taxes would be strengthened after finding out that the country lost in excess of GHC500 million Ghana cedis giving out tax exemptions to over 37 companies in the country as at September 2021

It will come as know surprise to find out that most of this companies that are enjoying these tax exemptions are owned by members of the executive or friends or family of a powerful politician

It is quite disheartening to know that the country loses so much money through this questionable tax exemptions and yet when Government seeks to increase revenue, it is the ordinary market women, the driver, the school teacher etc who are the go to people when these companies that make millions each day continue to be exempted from paying taxe

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