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Does Ghana Boxing Really Have A Future?

It would not be wrong to say Ghana is just as much a boxing nation as a footballing nation. The country has had better days in these two sports but some would argue it is boxing Ghana has enjoyed the most success globally as our darling boy, Azumah Nelson carried the nation on his back and crossed the seas to the whiteman’s land to show to him what the Blackman is capable of.

The name boxing is synonymous with Azumah Nelson and vice versa and for good reason too as he held two-weight world championships, having held the WBC featherweight title from 1984 to 1987 and the WBC super-featherweight title twice between 1988 and 1997. Those were the good old days.

The torch has since been passed on to young blood like the Isaac Dogboes, the Richard Commeys the Bukom Bankus and the Ayittey Powers. Of the four boxers mention it is Isacc Dogboe and Richard Commey who fly the flag of Ghana highest. Richard Commey was recently involved in a fight just last week, one unfortunately he lost to Ukrainian Vasiliy Lomachenko

From the above, I am sure you might have deduced that boxing in Ghana is somewhat of a dying sport. It is not followed by the people as much as they used to especially in the late 70s up to the early 2000s and it would appear Government has taken the eye of the ball somewhat in terms of investment.

Right now the football in Ghana is where all Government and private sponsorships go to and yet continuously we come home with nothing to show for all the monies injected into the Ghana Football Association and the National team

Our boxers for years now have not been able to walk the talk. Prior to a bout they give off the vibe that its going to be a walk in the park, its all smooth talk and when they walk into the rich they crawl back into their shells. We have seen it too many times with Isaac Dogboe, whose careers seems to be on a free fall at the moment, we saw it with Richard Commey before his fight with the Ukrainian. Its all talk with our boxers and no action

We can’t be too hard with the names I have mentioned, at least they are still out there trying to make things happen in the ring. Aks yourself what happened to Joseph Agbeko, where is Joshua Clottey, these are people we though would be torch bearers for Ghana boxing for the next decade but they have all faded into oblivion.

Ghana boxing is dying, it is struggling for breath but as it is true in our hospitals as I type, there are defibrillators to revive the dying sport. Everybody is looking unconcerned, expecting the other to do something as is true to Ghanaian nature. We will all wake up one day and realise boxing is dead and unfortunately, I predict no one will even spare a minutes silence.

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