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Conducting DNA Tests Without Joyce Blessing’s Consent Wasn’t Right – Ola Addresses Joyce Blessing’s Husband

If you are in Ghana and have not heard the news surrounding Joyce Blessing, her husband and their children it is either you are not current or just minding your business. Well it is not too late to fill you in on the gossip. Okay so news has it that Joyce Blessing’s husband, David Adu-Gyamfi AKA Dave Joy went behind the back of his wife to conduct a DNA test on their children and it turned out that one of the children is not his.

That is the controversy surrounding their marriage at present and filmmaker and entertainment pundit, Ola Michael has waded into the madness, questioning the true intentions of Joyce Blessing’s husband when he went behind Joyce Blessing to do a DNA test on their children

Ola Michael speaking on PeaceFM’s entertainment review condemned the actions of David Adu-Gyamfi and devoid of any wisdom.

“First and foremost, I do not think it is right for a DNA test to be done without Joyce Blessing’s consent. If that was the case then it is possible he intended to disgrace the lady or to feed into the infidelity rumour”, Ola Michael noted.

“Regardless, I do not know why a man would do that; I do not see the wisdom in that, unfortunately. It was unnecessary. That is the mother of your children. We should not glorify his intentions by discussing it. Until there is a court order for a DNA test to be conducted and the results authenticated, we should not tolerate his nonsense”, Ola concluded

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