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Its Hard Being A Female Rapper In The Industry – Eno Barony

Ghanaian female rapper, Eno Barony has come out to speak on the disparity between females and male rappers in the Ghana music entertainment industry where stakeholders do not do enough to create an equal platform where female rappers can flourish just as much as their male counterparts.

Eno Barony called out Event organizers, event houses and the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards for not doing enough for female rappers in the industry such as creating categories in award schemes that focus the limelight on the exploits of female rappers in the industry and propel them to greater successes.

In an interview on Y 102.5 FM during the ‘Ryse N Shyne’ show with NYDJ expressed her loathing of the labeling of female rappers, where in introductions they are always tagged ‘female’ rappers whereas same cannot be said for male rappers who are simply referred to as rappers

“I am doing rap and people want to put me in a box and classify me as a Female rapper and do not do same to the males, but consider them as rappers without classifications.”

“If it was just being said I wouldn’t have had a problem but you hear people discuss rappers and forget about females in rap music. So I was fighting for that equality in the industry because both male and female rappers do the same thing and there wasn’t a need for classification,” she fumed.

Eno Barony was quick to add that she is not advocating for her gender to be given special treatment in the industry but what she is asking for that they are given equal opportunities as the males and females who showcase enough talent are given the platform to shine.

“I am not saying if you are female and you doing rap and it’s ‘wack’ you have to be supported because you are a female they should give you that attention. Once you are doing it and you are doing it well, you should get that recognition,” she added.

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