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We Are Owed 18 Months Salary Arrears, Government Should Help Us – GCDL Hospital Staff

Hospital workers at the Ghana Consolidated Diamond Limited (GCDL) hospital have sent out a plea to the leadership of Government to come to their aid over salaries owed them by the hospital.

The hospital was formerly affiliated to a private company known as the Great Consolidated Diamond Limited but upon breach of the concession agreement with the state, was taken over by Government.

Before Government came in to take over, Ghana Consolidated Diamond Limited was the property of Jospong group which they renamed Great Consolidated Diamonds. They assumed ownership of the company’s assets after the purchase and effectively also assuming the responsibility of paying the salaries of the workers

However, payment of salaries proofed to a challenge for Jospong group who were the owners of Great Consolidated Diamond Limited and before Government came in, they owed their workers 10 and a half months of salary arrears.

The workers are therefore calling on Government to intervene on their behalf as they are deep in debt due to the of their salaries

“From there a number of policies were introduced and we were given the assurance that our money will be paid to us. For the first three months we were paid continuously even though it was delayed.

“From there it will take three to five months before one month salary will be paid. It went on for a long time and we didn’t understand. Now we are owed an additional eight months’ salary by the new administration,” he said.

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