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More Pressure For Sarkodie As Kwame A-Plus Descends On Him For Mincing His Words In Address To Government

Kwame A-Plus has joined in on the attack on Ghanaian ace rapper Sarkodie on his half hearted address presidency asking that they sit up in the management of the economy as many Ghanaians “are going through it”

Yesterday, commercial drivers embarked on a nationwide strike which left many commuters stranded on the roadsides as there was no commercial vehicles at work. And Sarkodie in a to add his voice to the ordinary to add more weight took to twitter to send a message to Government

On his official Twitter handle, Sarkodie wrote, “The people are going through it!!! We always do !!! All we ask for is the right environment to hustle/ be productive.”

But Kwame A-Plus was not at well pleased with Sarkodie, as according to media personality, the artiste was very careful with his words to the Government as he is one of them unlike when it was John Mahama’s time when he spoke any fear or favour

Kwame A-Plus took to facebook send a message to Sarkodie to let him know what he thinks of him.

He wrote on facebook, “The hypocrisy….. During John Mahama time as president, the hardship was caused by his incompetence abi? Now there is serious hardship under Akufo Addo. Instead of telling him the truth, you added, ‘We always do’ to make you look good before them.

“When you spoke about hardship under John Mahama, didn’t ‘We always do?’ Or we were living in San Diego before he became president?” A-plus concluded.

This is not the first attack Sarkodie has had to contend with as DKB had previously also tagged the musician for being hypocritical and trying to look good amongst the people

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