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He Who Is Without Sin Cast The First Stone: Joyce Blessing Addresses Those Judging Her For Her Sins

Ghanaian gospel musician, Joyce Blessing, has been in the news recently for allegedly giving birth to two children in marriage who do not belong to her husband as according to the rumour mill, a DNA test was conducted which showed that indeed she conceived two children out of wedlock

And you no Ghanaians do like to gossip during their free time, and trust me their free time is a lot. So in their free time, some Ghanaians have taken it upon themselves to discuss the gospel musician’s supposed infidelity and her marital issues

But Joyce Blessing has chosen to appeal to the conscience of Ghanaians, rather than going on a defense which will only attract more abuse to her. She has resorted to using some twi proverbs to address those out there judging and gossiping about her.

She says if you use a finger to point at someone, four of your fingers are pointed back at you in that instance and while you talk about someone, others are also talking about you and have you wondered as to what they could be saying about you.

Those are really heavy words from the gospel musician to draw the attention of those talking about her to exercise restraint as you never know in which situation we could find ourselves in future and just as we go around judging her, so will we be judged by others.

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