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If Persuasion Fails, Force Must Be Applied

Today was proof that power indeed rest in the hands of the people and not in parliament or the flagstaff house or anywhere. True power is on our streets! There is is a reason why we elect a few people to oversee the affairs of the multitude. It is not because they are the most wise or the best amongst their fellow men, it is simply because we all cannot rule.

So the least that is expected of those we put in charge of affairs and the nation’s vast resources, is that they serve in our best interest. Key word, ‘serve’, for they were elected into power to serve the masses and not be served or treated as greater men.

Unfortunately in Africa, Ghana, our leaders do not know this neither do some of the people. Our leaders always seem to know and say the right things, until they are voted into power, then for an unknown reason or knowledge lost to me, they become totally different beings.

They build mansions in the outskirts to go live amongst themselves when they should be living amongst the people so they know what it is that bothers the people. They use their actions and words to create a rift between themselves and the people. They seek service rather than render the service.

The blame is not all theirs to bare, we must bare a part of the blame for we are part of the problem. We contribute to them being blinded by power and status. We forget that we are the bosses and not them. We chase after them seeking money we contribute to pay them with, we revere them when they have done nothing to deserve such reverence. We feed them fat on power until they are drank on it

But I am happy today because there was an awakening, it was something small but those who have ears, eyes and a thinking mind will understand what makes me happy and probably join in my happiness if your food does not come from a political party

Today the commercial drivers union embarked on a nationwide strike and the country was virtually brought to a standstill. What did they want? They only want what all ordinary Ghanaians want. A Government that listens to its people. They had meetings with Government seeking that something is done concerning the incessant fuel price increases. They even suggested Government remove some taxes imposed on fuel purchase as they believed such an act would help to lessen their burden and that of many Ghanaians. An agreement was reached, handshakes were exchanged, everyone was happy.

Days, weeks, months passed and the year is almost ended but Government never addressed their concerns, they felt toyed with, belittled, used, they asked, what can we do to get the attention of these power drank honourables in the mansions in the outskirts? They thought long and hard and finally came to a conclusion, they would have to withdraw their services, yes, their colleagues the ordinary Ghanaians would suffer most as it is them who patronize their services the most, you see, they do not have V8’s to move them around town.

But the driver’s union understood that, to enjoy, you must be willing to suffer, make tough choices. Their decision to go on a nationwide decision probably hurt them most than anyone else, having to watch their brothers, sisters, wives, fathers, mothers, walk to their destinations because of the decision to strike, but it was a necessary evil that must done, and they did.

Which president who just a few days ago was named African of the year would be happy with the bad press of commercial drivers in his country going on strike because of high fuel prices, No one. Quickly they were invited to the presidency to have their concerns heard. Assurances were given and their strike was quickly suspended. We wait and watch if Government will follow through on their promise or will continue the lie

But that is not what concerns me, it is our display of power. We have always held all the aces but the problem is we have never known how to play the game. This was just a sign of what happens when the beast opens an eye while in a deep slumber. Imagine what would happen if the beast is fully awake and decides to flex its muscles, oh Ghana would be great. I pray!!!

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