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I Am Ready To Settle Down – Bridget Otoo

Metro TV news presenter and show host, Bridget Otoo has revealed that she done with the single life and enjoying her youth and now ready to settle down with a Ghanaian man, but there is a catch. The man must possess marriageable qualities as she is only ready to marry a man who has those marriageable qualities she is looking for.

The news presenter took to twitter to express her desire to finally settle down, adding that she is looking for a Ghanaian man who is a marriageable material, can cook and clean 24/7

She tweeted, “I am looking for a Ghanaian man, marriageable material who can cook and clean 24/7 to marry”

Whether she is serious about her desire to marry or in her requirements in the man she would like to marry, we at Ghanajoint cannot tell, what we can confidently is that her tweet attracted a lot of reactions from Ghanaians on the bird app

Some are of the view that she is not ready to marry considering her requirements while some to see the comedy in her comments and had a good laugh about it. However, considering how far the world has come, it would not be a bad choice to learn how to cook or clean as a man.

It would end up being of great benefit to you more than you realise and you may never know, your ability to cook and clean could well be the reason that girl you have been crushing on says yes to you.

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