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All Is Not Well As The Power Drunk Executive Beats Parliament Into Submission

For over a week now I have not been well anytime I read the news or scroll through my social media feed. I knew we were down there as a country but I had no idea we were rock bottom until yesterday when I got a dosage in the right proportion of our current democratic disposition as a country.

For those of you who are current and are avid followers of what happens within and around Ghana, you must have heard that the 2022 Budget statement and Economic Policy, presented to the floor of parliament by the Hon. finance minister, Ken Ofori-Atta, on behalf of the President of Ghana, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, for deliberation and approval on the floor of parliament has finally been approved.

Normally this is something that should merit happiness but what I feel now is more of disgust than anything else, surrounding the manner in which our members of parliament (from both sides of the house) conducted themselves in the processes that led to yesterday’s event.

It all began earlier but I would like for us to focus our energies on the Friday, November 26, 2021, when the majority staged a walkout just when the speaker was to put forward the motion of the budget before the house. This singular action by the majority resulted in the rejection of the budget by the minority side of parliament

There are a lot of legalities surrounding this whole show, unfortunately I must confess that I am limited in my knowledge of the law as I never did attend law school, so I will beg your forgiveness in sections my lack of knowledge of the law is made apparent, but what I will lack in knowledge, I will try my possible best to let common sense suffice.

First of all, when this so called ‘Agyenkwa Budget’ for 2022 was read, there was a whole lot of noise from amongst Ghanaians and many institutions and think-tanks concerning the shortcomings of the budget especially that of the %1.75 Government put on all electronic transactions which is set to take effect January 1,2022, 12am, when the 2022 budget takes effect.

The general consensus is that parliament is supposed to be a representation of the people, the voice of the people and as such is supposed to put the interest of the people first before party politics and whatever comes next, but the people of Ghana never felt alone like they did when the people they elected into parliament connived to insult their intelligence, and approved the very thing the people have been fighting against with very little change to it.

Reason why I used the word connive is because I strongly belief that the majority and the minority in parliament are both just acting according to the script that was presented to them from the producer of this whole charade, the executive.

It is my personal believe that the minority who have put up a charade all this while, never intended to fight the majority in parliament to the end in amending the proposed 2022 budget, which has now been approved. It was all a front to make it look like they were fighting for the people, while they laugh with the majority behind our backs

To the majority in parliament, just because your party is in power does not mean you must kowtow to everything your party says or does. Your first allegiance is to Ghanaians before you political party. All we asked was for the removal of the e-levy

Everyone spoke of the repercussions such a move could have on the lives of Ghanaians and the digital economy. We tried to to meet you on middle ground as we acknowledged the fact that we need taxes to run the country though we have been paying taxes since and yet we have nothing to show for it but never mind that, we met you on middle ground and asked that very well, do not scrap the e-levy tax but in order not to break out backs to run the country, please reduce the percentage on the e-levy. We were looking at something between %0.5-1, the Institute of Statistical Social and Economic Research (ISSER), one of the most credible and respected research institutes in the country suggested that Government put it at %0.5

The budget has been approved, the e-levy rate has been reduced from %1.75-%1.5, and they make it sound like they have done us the best of favours. Do they listen to us? Do they care about the hardship we are faced with? Do they understand that a majority of our youth are unemployment and every cedi means the world to them?

I am close to tears as I write, I have lost hope in the leadership of this country. Do not get me wrong and associate me to any political party, this is not an article to score points for any opposition. This is an article from a Ghanaian who is fed up, painful thing is the options are not any better. We complain when it is the NDC in charge and complain when it is the NPP in charge. Let this two political parties know that the country does not belong to them, it belongs to us, all of us. It is time the youth rises beyond party politics and begin to think of their future and those to come after them.

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