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Yvonne Nelson Laments The Current State Of The Ghana Movie Industry

Ghanaian actress and filmmaker, Yvonne Nelson has taken to twitter to bemoan the current state of the Ghana movie industry. According to her post on the bird app, there is a lack of seriousness from stakeholders who are meant to champion the industry and push it to greater heights.

The Ghana movie industry has for many years remain stagnant with some even suggesting that we have retrogressed from the good old late 1980’s, 1990’s and early 2000’s. We have sat down and allowed the Nigerian movie industry to over take our movie industry.

Yvonne Nelson being someone who has been in the industry believes the problem is from the stakeholders. According to her, there is a lack of professionalism and seriousness from these called stake holders and that is why the movie industry is so lifeless.

Another industry player who is on record to have spoken about the Ghana movie industry, Prince David Osei, is recorded to have said that the Nigerian movie industry is currently leading the way in African movie production because of their professionalism towards their craft. Revealing that they eat, drink and sleep movies and that same cannot be said of the Ghana movie industry where movie making is treated as a part time job or a hobby

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