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We Do Not Need 275 Lawmakers In Parliament, The Numbers Are Unnecessary – Majority Leader

The Majority leader of Parliament, Kyei Mensah Bonsu is of the believe that the parliament of Ghana does not need the 275 lawmakers that fill the house during proceedings, insisting that parliament is bloated and as such the numbers should be cut down to 200 or even 140 MPs

The house is presently constituted with 275 members of parliament, and answering a question on the odd number in parliament, the majority leader said he does not even support that large numbers in the house, adding that see the need why after every census or after every 10 years, the number of seats in parliament must be increased.

“Samson (Lardy Anyenini) you know my position on this, the last time the number (of MPs) was increased to 275 I disagreed because I don’t know of any established democracy anywhere in the world where at the conclusion of any census or 10 years thereafter, the number of seats in parliament have to be increased.”

“That is why I have insisted that perhaps we could have lived with the 140, it was increased to 200 just before the commencement of the Fourth Republican parliament and thereafter got increased to 230 and to 275”, he added

He suggested that when there is to be a constitutional Review is to be conducted, putting a limit on the number of lawmakers in parliament should be given the utmost attention.

“I think we should bring this matter to a conclusion and I think that in the review of the constitution, we should put a specified number that we can’t go beyond this number. I think that even with the 200 or the 140, I think we could live with that.”

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