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Ghana Education Service Teams Up With Zoomlion To Improve Sanitation Education In Senior High Schools

The Ghana Education Service has decided to partner with Ghana’s leading waste management company, zoomlion to improve and expand sanitation education in our senior high schools and the aim of this joint venture to to sensitize the youth on the importance and benefits of practicing good sanitation.

The introduction of free education at the secondary level as increased the intake of students in the various senior high schools in the country. The enrollment numbers have more than doubled over the years and the increase in population has raised concerns from stakeholders concerning poor sanitation practices and the potential outbreak of diseases.

Due to this fears and after consultation amongst stakeholders, the Ghana Education Service has thought it wise to partner with waste management company, zoomlion to engage in sanitation education in the senior high schools to increase awareness of the best sanitation practices and the importance of practicing good personal hygiene and environmental sanitation.

Mr. Constant Kofi Dzakpasu, the Volta Regional SHEP Coordinator of Ghana Education Service, making a presentation to students of the EPC Mawuko Girls Senior High School where the exercise started, raised some concerns about the country’s sanitation deficit

“Children lose 272 million school days each year due to diarrhoea globally and an estimated one in three school-aged children in the developing world are infested with intestinal worms,” he revealed.

The Volta Regional SHEP Coordinator added that these illness affect school attendance, and affect the growth of the children.

He said “Effective behavioural change programmes are critical to the success and sustainability of all water, sanitation and hygiene interventions. Schools must practise handwashing with soap, safe handling of drinking water, safe excreta disposal, environmental sanitation and personal hygiene including menstrual hygiene,” he pointed out

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