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The Fall In Moral Standards Amongst The Youth And It’s Ripple Effect On Society

To say the older generation have failed the youth would be putting it mildly. The youth of today have been given so much freedom and been left on their own to figure things out for themselves and like it is in their nature as a youth, they have succeeded in messing up everything in their wake. Not all of them but most, look at me, I am a youth but I believe I turned out alright. Lol.

Just observing your surrounding, you would truly understand where I am coming from with the title of my article. Gone are the days when you bent down to greet an elderly one, or rushed to take the load of an elderly one. And it did not matter whether he or she was family or not, by virtue of the fact that he or she was an elder, it was your duty as the young one to give that respect.

Today a youth who still exhibits such priceless traits is tagged by his or her peers and given names, though the elders would appreciate the gesture but they mostly succumb to peer pressure.

Now talking about peer pressure, I bet you have ever been influenced into doing something you knew was wrong but you did it anyways because your friends did it and encouraged you to do same. I have found myself pulling hard at the mouth of a cigar because my friends did it and I thought it was cool and also tried it. Luckily for me I stopped before I developed the habit for it.

It is no coincidence that with the fall in moral standards amongst the youth we are faced with a sharp rise in teenage pregnancy and increase in sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) amongst the youth

When we have people who can not cater for themselves having kids, we are faced with increase in street children and beggars on the street. And that is what we are faced with, you only need to step out on the streets of Accra to see the number of single mothers begging with their fresh babies behind their backs

What was preserved for the pleasure of adults is what we the youth of today delight in. You find young boys and girls in our bars challenging one another on who can hold the most beer, the youth are the ones engaged in the use of drugs such as ‘weed’ and what have you. And you ask yourself if there is hope for the future generation.

With the current trajectory of things, Government will have to use money that would have bridged the infrastructural gap in the country to buy anti-retro viral drugs to treat the rising numbers of HIV infection in the country, monies will have to be channeled into rehabilitating drug addicts.

Society will be filled with a lot of street children, single mothers and broken homes. All these you may think are predictions into our future, no, it is our present. It is already here and there is no denying it. It is either we wake up from our deep slumber and save what is left of the situation or continue to sleep and get engulfed by the situation as we turn a blind eye to the monster we created.

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