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A Failing Nation. Is Government To Blame, The People Or Both?

Everything that can go wrong in a country is going wrong in Ghana. We are faced with rising youth unemployment, high cost of living, low standards of living and poor wages. Our roads are poor, hospitals are few, understaffed and under stocked, but who really is to blame for the failures of a country that after 64 years after obtaining independence is still yet to achieve its potential.

We really have no excuse, looking at how long we have had and what we have had at our disposal to ensure that we make our lives better. It is the blame of all but leadership of the country from times past, to the present must take majority of the blame, because by and large, a people are the reflection of their leaders.

Ghana is now so deep in corruption that anywhere you go, you are expected to pay something before whatever you want done is done or fast tracked. I have a friend, who had to pay ghc5000 in order to be employed to work at the Births and Deaths Registry, and most of us have heard of similar if not worse stories.

Everyday we hear of how our leaders go into deals which leave the country shortchanged for their own personal gains. Our future is being sold for the benefits of today. As at the last figures, the country’s debt stood Ghc334 billion, and what this means is that each citizen of the country owes GHC11,133, if we were all to contribute equally to pay if of.

Ghc334 billion in public debt and we still lack good roads, we are still battling with hospitals without beds. It is the failure of all but our leaders must take responsibility for our shortcomings. When you lose faith in your leadership, you begin to look out for yourself.

This whole issue about Ghanaians kicking against the 1.75% e-levy which was introduced in the 2022 budget which was rejected by parliament is because our leaders have not been able to prove to us that when we make the sacrifice of paying taxes, they will be used for their intended purposes.

The 2021 report from the auditor General’s department showed that the country lost around GHC12 billion to corruption alone. When you look at this figures, you ask yourself whether it is worth it to pay your taxes when there is a huge hole in the public coffers. Matters are not helped when you have a president who refuses to use the country’s presidential jet and rather goes around renting luxury jets that costs the country 15,000 pounds per hour anytime the President travels with it.

We have come a long way as a nation, gone through the hands of many leaders, but we have always found a way to underachieve and now the people are desolate, and if care is not taken we may soon have an uprising on our hands. A report from the National Security showed that unemployment is the great threat to the peace and security in the country and our inability to tackle the rising unemployment in the country may just result in matters blowing up in our faces.

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