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Kuami Eugene Criticized By Fans For Flying Economy

The expectation that come with being an actor, a musician or simply put, a celebrity are almost unrealistic. Imagine Kuami Eugene being criticized for flying economy and supposedly sneaking off to the business class section to take pictures and post on social media.

This sounds like something we all do. Have you not dressed, left you house and gone and stood infront of someones mansion to take pictures, I better you have but you won,t say. I just do not get why we expect so much from our celebrities

And yet we will be the same people to remind them of the lavish lifestyles they lived in their youthful years, if they come to us begging in their old age, Take Psalm Adjetefio for example. Now I am not saying he misused his money in his youth, I am just saying let us take a look at him and let us be realistic in our expectations of our celebrities, especially coming from a people who majority do not even own a passport.

Reason why I am so passionate about this because this is not the first time this is happening and it surely will not be the last but it is high time we start talking about it. Medikal, Fella Makafui, have all been victims of trolls for flying economy from people who still take ‘trotro’

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