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We Do Not Grant Interviews Because Journalists Focus On Negativity – R2Bees

One of the biggest music groups in the country, R2bees comprising of Mugeez and Omar Sterling have explained to their fans and Ghanaians who want to know, why they have not been seen our television screens or radio stations granting interviews to keep up with their teeming support base.

According to the group, it has not always been like that as when they were coming up, they used to grant a lot of interviews but soon realised they were rather being used by journalist to chase clout. Admitting that the focus was always on the negative with very little thought given to the positives and so they withdrew from granting interviews to focus on what they are good at doing, singing.

“The only thing we know how to do is sing and that when we get the mic but for granting interviews, we don’t do that anymore because some journalist used to clout chase,” they told Joy TV.

“We used to grant interviews when we were coming up, and it’s not like we have been like this since, but we realised that some interviews we used to grant back then had the journalist taking advantage of us because negativity sells, and they try to twist our words.”

It has been years since R2bees granted an interview for either a local or international media house and they have come out to finally address the issue explaining why they do not grant any interviews.

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