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I Am Not Respected In Ghana Because Of The Sputnik V Corruption Saga – Health Minister

The Health minister of Ghana, Agyeman Manu as lamented at the fact that his hard earned reputation in the country has soiled in his quest to execute his duties and to save his motherland from the ravages of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The minister expressed his heartache at how he was abused by both colleagues in parliament and the ordinary Ghanaian for the role he played in the botched procurement of the Sputnik V vaccines from a middleman.

Agyeman Manu said the reputation he worked hard for years to build was in an instant torn to pieces. Mounting the floor in parliament to contribute to the ongoing debate on the the 2022 Budget Statement and Economic Policy expressed his hurt for being treated like a common criminal by the same group of people he was appointed to serve.

“Mr. Speaker, I am so amazed. When I was rushing to get some vaccines to do vaccinations quickly to meet our development targets, I was found culpable of not coming to Parliament and I was lambasted to the extent that now I don’t have any image in this country,” he said.

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