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Things To Know Before Travelling To Ghana

For many travellers travelling to Ghana for the festive season is one thing on their bucket list. This won’t be the first time for some, and for others, this will be their first time going to experience the Motherland.

For many black Travellers across the globe, In 2019, the government of Ghana launched the year of return, where African Americans and other people of black descent visit their ancestral home and learn about slavery and how their ancestors were taken from Africa and spread across the globe.

Many people patronised this, and Ghana received a lot of visitors in the past years to commemorate the year of return.

Covid 19 is not stopping this year’s festivities as Ghana is expecting to receive many visitors for this year’s festivities.
As we all know, a lot has changed due to covid 19, and as such, these are things people should know before visiting Ghana this year.

Visa Requirement

First and foremost, check if you will need a visa to Ghana. Most countries, especially those from the Economic Community of West African states, do not need to visit ghana.
You can contact the nearest Ghana embassy or consulate near you to apply for the visa. In the past year, the government of Ghana has also introduced visas on arrival for some passport holders like visitors from the United States of America.

Health/Vaccine Requirement

Due to covid 19, there are travel restrictions in ghana. Every traveller needs a negative covid 19 test Or Vaccination card.
Also, travellers need a yellow fever vaccination else they will be denied entry.
We also advise that you come along with a mosquito repellant to protect yourself from mosquitoes and infecting Malaria.

Weather Condition

The weather in Ghana can be very hot climate all year. We advise that you pack summer clothing to keep you ventilated and prevent dehydration.
Lightweight cotton clothing will be recommended.

You should know these Facts Too.

Ghana has more than 46 languages,100 tribes and Ethnic groups.

Ghana is divided into 16 regions

Everybody speaks at least English and Twi.

The local transportation is called Trotro.

Ghana is one of the most peaceful countries in Africa.

Don’t greet anyone using your left hand.

Uber and Bolt’s services are available.

Ghana experiences frequent power outages, so carry a power bank along.

Ghana’s currency is the cedi which is one USD = 6 cedis

Do not forget to read other articles on this page about events happening In Ghana this December.

We wish you a safe trip.

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