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The E-Levy Will End Ghana’s Borrowing – Yaw Buaben Asamoa

Talk is still ongoing about the newly introduced 1.75 e-levy to be taxed on all electronic transaction in the country, subject to approval from parliament, and the New Patriotic Party (NPP) communicators of the incumbent Government across the country are on a mission to convince Ghanaians on why they should accept the e-levy.

The Director of Communication and former member of parliament of Adenta has also added his voice to the ongoing brouhaha concerning the new introduced e-levy in the 2022 National budget pending approval from parliament. He has commended the Government on what he has described as a bold step in the introduction of a 1.75% on e-levy, insisting that the initiative will ensure Ghana does not have to go round borrowing.

The finance minister in reading the 2022 National budget made it known that Government will place a 1.75% tax on all electronic money transactions. Adding that all transaction below ghc100 will not be attract the new tax.

Yaw Buaben Asamoa speaking on the budget on Accra-based Peace FM said the budget is a ‘turning point’ for the country. “If we help ourselves to construct our roads, someone will desire to come to Ghana and establish a business and ply that road. If we strengthen ourselves to build our hospitals, someone will desire to access our hospitals to enhance our health tourism and gain benefits to improve our country…If we all unite and accept this e-levy and monitor it well, it will benefit all of us,” he said.

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