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Tamale Police Missing 5 AK-47s And 100 Rounds Of Ammunition From Armoury – Auditor General Report

We reported earlier of a report from the Auditor General’s office indicting that the Ghana Police Hospital had procured GHC45, 437 worth of expired drugs but it would appear there is more to the report as the report has further revealed that the Tamale Police is missing 5 AK-47s and 100 rounds of ammunition from it’s armoury.

The missing fire arm and ammunition was noticed and reported by the Auditors after careful inspection of the Tamale Police armoury and there was no information about the whereabouts of the missing firearms.

It was however reported that the firearms and rifles and ammunition had been issued to officers as part of the protocol of operation Calm Life but the firearms and ammunition were yet to be returned by the designated officers. Operation Calm Life was an initiative launched by Government on February 5, 2018 in a bid to combat the growing criminal activities in the Northern Region.

A total of 300 law enforcers were drawn from the various law enforcement agencies and teamed up to launch the initiative to combat the rise in crime. The initiative was to support the works of patrols of security personnel in wake of the rise in security unrest in the region.

The Auditors were told by the armourer that the missing rifle and ammunition had been reported to the Regional Crimes Investigations Department (CID) for investigation, however upon inquiry into the status of the matter the crimes investigations department could not furnish the Auditors with any progress report.

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