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Sarkodie Blamed For The Suffering Of Ghanaians

Ghanaians are currently besides themselves with despair due to the current economic hardship in the country and one twitter use has decided to hold Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie accountable for the suffering of multitudes for the role he player in it.

According to the twitter user with the handle name “ASEPA Ghana”, Sarkodie is to be blamed for the suffering of Ghanaians because he took money from the ruling party the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and went on a campaign, campaigning to Ghanaians to overlook the hardships and sufferings they were faced with back then and vote the NPP into power to have another 4 more to do more, stating that he used free SHS and free electricity to deceive Ghanaians in voting for the NPP

This is what “ASEPA Ghana” wrote in his or her tweet, “Chase @Sarkodie, he is the reason why we are all suffering today. He took money from the NPP and told us in a song that we should continue in this hardship because of Free SHS and Free Electricity. Such a bad endorsement from a big brand like him, today see the effect! #Budget2022”

Ghanaians continue to grow impatient and have all but lost hope in Akuffo Addo and his Government as they continue to be faced with hardship in the country with prices continuously on the rise. And with the reading of the 2022 National budget, the citizenry are almost at break point with the introduction of a new 1.75% tax on all electronic cash transactions though it is pending approval from parliament.

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