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Things We Do For Love

I have always held the notion that love is the most powerful human feeling ever that has the potential to bring the greatest good in a human. Everyone deserves to love and be loved. The concept of love however has to lost to this generation somewhat. Love is love, there is no close substitute. Love is enduring, love is everlasting, love is kind, love is patient, love is love, love is not common.

But today for a feeling that is not so common, we tend to hear the ‘I love you’ phrase a lot when it is not love they feel. The feeling of love is reserved for a select few, for family, for close friends, for that one person you ‘love’. People tell us things we want to hear to get what they want from us, and that is where we are as a generation. Personal interest has overtaken all other senses of humanity.

That is why we should be careful with the things we do for love. Like I said, everyone deserves to love and be love, what I forgot to add is it is okay to love and not be loved though hurtful, it is okay. You should not lose yourself in a bid to feel loved.

The greatest mistake one can ever make in his or her desire to be loved is to change. This is a double edged sword and I will explain. The concept of changing your nature to be loved is wrong from my perspective though it could turn out to be a good thing for the one to go through the change, Here is how it works, nobody likes a person who brags, or someone who disrespects or someone who lets his or her anger run over. If it is these and the many more negative character traits out there you have to change to be loved then great, it works for you because the change would improve your relations with society. But if you have to move from the ‘light’ to the ‘dark’ to be loved, I would suggest you stay in the light.

Love is not meant to be forced, it is a natural feeling that just happens, you should not have to force someone to love you. It is totally okay to love someone and the person not feeling the same way about you, it is okay. You should understand the person when he or she is honest with you to tell you their true feelings upfront and not give you a false dawn. What you can do to help your case is to go on and live your best life and let your actions do the talking of your love, with the scarcity of love out there, the overpour of your affection could may well be that spark that will kindle their own love for you.

You can change for love, heck you can even force it, but please do not beg for it. You deserve to love and be loved, so do not ever beg for the affections of another if the person is just not feeling you that way. Should you succeed in begging for love, you would have to continue begging to enjoy all the positives that come with love. You would have to beg for their time and attention, beg for them to care, you would literally beg your way though everything so do not do that.

In as much as we deserve to be loved, let us learn to love ourselves that is the most important love we need, to love ourselves. You do not go out looking for love when you do not love even yourself, and that scenario is very common these days. It is a toxic trait that can affect even your love life with others so it is important that we love ourselves

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