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Shatta Wale Does Not Like Me And I Also Don’t Like Him – Strongman

The moral of this article you will realise after reading to the end is, do not talk bad about people if you have nothing good to say about them. Strongman Burner has revealed there is no love lost between he and Shatta Wale.

Strongman Burner who was at a time signed onto Sarkodie’s record label, Sarkcess music has revealed that he does not like Shatta Wale and Shatta has also revealed on numerous occasions that he does not like him as according to Strongman Burner not once has he ever heard any good come out of Shatta’s mouth concerning him, Strongman Burner.

Strongman Burner in an interview on Accra based radio FM, Happy Fm, expressed his surprise as to why Shatta would loathe him so much, adding that he cannot figure out what he has done or not done to Shatta Wale to deserve him bad mouthing him at the least opportunity.

“Shatta doesn’t like me and I also don’t like him. So we are not cool. On many occasions, I haven’t seen or heard him say anything good about me. Never!!” he said.

The ‘Nightmare’ rapper continued that Shatta Wale’s “fans are aware and my people know so we know what is happening, it’s not a big deal and I have accepted it in good faith. Anytime he speaks and I’m mentioned, then I’m aware he will give it to me”.

Strongman went on to add that “I have never hit at him so I don’t understand what bad I have done to him. But I have been doing this work for a while and I’m used to everything so I don’t care who likes me”.

He concluded his take on the issue by saying that he has been around in the industry to understand that it is all part and parcel of their line of work.


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