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David Dontoh And I Dated For 10 Years But Things Did Not Work Out – Maame Dokono

Veteran Ghanaian actress and show host Maame Dokono has revealed that she and fellow veteran actor David Dontoh are old time lovers and dated for ten good years but things did not end in marriage because of individual differences.

Speaking on her 10 year relationship with David Dontoh on UTV’s United Showbiz where she made a guest appearance, Maame Dokono revealed that their break up was from her as she did not want to waste David’s time, adding that had she wanted to settle with him, they would have been husband and wife by now.

She however made other interesting revelations on the show, according to her she was very much a commodity in great demand during her more useful days, saying that both men and women were after her she therefore chose to stay with David Dontoh for that long in order not to ‘soil’ herself in the many sins of the world.

This is what she had to say on the United Showbiz on UTV; “Actually, I married twice in my life. I won’t count the men I dated as marriage. There was a time I wasn’t married but I was dating, everyone knew the man as my husband, that was David Dontoh,”

She detailed that “we started dating from the days of ‘Obra’. We stayed together for over 10 years. We toured different places for our concert”.

Emphasizing that, “apart from the men who were after me, women also loved me. Yes, so in order not to soil myself, I had him (David Dontoh). I was with him all the time so people thought we were married. It was just recently that he decided to go, even with that If I had agreed to marry him we could have settled”.

“At that time, I had already given birth to four children so I thought that I couldn’t waste his time as a young man so he should go,” Grace Omaboe said and added that “some of these women could wait long hours at the hotel entrance just to see me, especially women who have stayed outside Ghana”.


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